Hi everybody!

Long time no see. Sorry about that. For a while LJ was being ridiculously S-L-O-W for me and I got frustrated and left it alone for a long while. But I have missed reading about your exploits. It seems to be somewhat better now... hope so, I would like to get at least a bit more caught up with everyone. Hope you are doing well!

What have I been up to? Some bullet points:
- Still working as a mercenary freelancer and enjoying the freewheeling lifestyle. Have settled into some main gigs with time for funner stuff (writing) on the side. I could hustle more and make more money... in fact I will probably need to soon... but the choice is mine, and I like that.
- Also got time to do things like take off via bike to go visit the Pennsic Wars next week, a.k.a. "Burning Man for geeks". I've always been peripherally interested in LARPing... just a bit... but scared off for various reasons. Now have a fandom acquaintance who is "in" and who offered to set me up with a group camp spot, outfits to wear (five! for three days!), and general guidance, and I coulnd't pass that up. Somehow, though, I keep getting the feeling like I'm being recruited for Scientology or something... it will probably be just harmless fun, though. I'm coming armed* with a bottle of good honey-and-spice whiskey so I should be fine.
*armed - I have long joked that I'd show up to something like this dressed in my bike armor. "What? You said to wear armor..." ;D
- Not much fic writing going on... or at least no output. But many ideas continue to swirl.
- As far as fanfic I have lately been really enjoying this story: "Hands of the King" by Anglachel. It's being spruced up and re-posted on Ao3 (in stub form) and on Anglachel's site Rómenna in full. You may already be familiar, as Anglachel maintained HASA and it was posted there -- I'm way late to this party. But now there's new commentary. If you are not familiar, it's an epic Finduilas/Denethor tale that makes both characters richly complex, including flaws, but still eminently likeable. Bonus points for high-stakes political intrigue and correct usage of the second person familiar.
- Have largely forgotten about Tumblr. Funny how something that can be such a time suck can be so easily cast aside. Reminds me of video games...